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Ensuring the purest air possible

Proven technology designed to seamlessly integrate into commercial, mass transit , and maritime applications

Advanced science. Real results.

Revolutionizing air purification with our innovative non-thermal cold plasma technology

Benefits beyond clean air

Immediate energy savings and environmental compliance ensures a substantial return on investment

PlasmaGuard PRO eliminates 99.994% of harmful pathogens and particulates, including SARS-CoV-2, within minutes*

As industry leaders, we’re dedicated to advancing air purification, delivering the cleanest air in any setting. Our proven non-thermal cold plasma technology sets the standard with unmatched removal rates and efficiency. At PlasmaGuard, public health and well-being are our top priorities, contributing to a safer, more breathable world.

*To view test reports on specific contaminants, environmental test conditions, and performance levels of PlasmaGuard PRO, visit Actual results may vary based on the environment and occupied space.

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Energy Savings

PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™ paired with PlasmaGuard PRO optimizes overall energy consumption, generating significant savings

It can deliver up to 40% energy savings for air-conditioning systems, reducing energy consumption while providing cost savings and aligning with sustainability goals


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