PlasmaGuard STAX Marine

99.9% efficient vessel exhaust purification for eco-friendly maritime compliance

PlasmaGuard STAX systems are the permanent exhaust air solution for the marine industry

PlasmaGuard STAX ™ offers a seamless integration solution directly connecting to the vessel’s existing exhaust stack systems. Our proprietary non-thermal cold plasma WESP™ technology ensures all exhaust streams achieve an exceptional 99.9% efficiency. PlasmaGuard STAX uses only the highest quality metal alloys for superior performance, requires little to no maintenance, and maintains extremely low operational costs without additional burden to your electrical system.

Compliant with current and future maritime pollution regulations

The unique design of PlasmaGuard STAX allows for scalability, tailoring the solution to your specific engineering needs. Our dedicated engineers thoroughly analyze your requirements and present a comprehensive proposal detailing our distinctive approach to reduce capital costs and ensure long-term savings in electrical energy and maintenance expenses. Our high-efficiency system can address all regulated pollutants, making it compliant with current and future maritime pollution regulations.

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Innovative NTCP-WESP Technology purifies outdoor air

Our proprietary NTCP-WESP (Non-Thermal Catalytic Plasma – Wet Electrostatic Precipitator) Technology efficiently eliminates harmful particulates from emission streams, reducing them to sub-micron (0.1) size by applying an electrostatic charge. These charged particles are then either destroyed, converted, or captured, ensuring their proper removal from the air stream. Powered by a high-voltage electric field, our system effectively reduces harmful emission molecules to meet the most stringent requirements, consistently maintaining exceptional long-term performance with a removal efficiency exceeding 99%. This advanced technology utilizes a hybrid-loop multi-stage scrubber and high-voltage WESP for maximum cleaning effectiveness.

Captures and eliminates harmful gases and emissions

PlasmaGuard STAX systems efficiently capture suspended particulate matter, entrapping it within liquid droplets. They efficiently collect harmful gases by dissolving and absorbing them into the liquid. PlasmaGuard STAX reduces the temperature and volume of exhaust gas flow, contributing to a smaller unit footprint than other control devices. This innovative technology reduces capital costs and offers enhanced flexibility in choosing the ideal site location for the scrubber installation.

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PlasmaGuard STAX™ Marine

Efficient, versatile pollution control systems for diverse environmental needs

PlasmaGuard provides cutting-edge emission control technology specifically designed for the marine industry. Our systems effectively reduce harmful pollutants in ship exhaust, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations. These solutions help maritime companies minimize their environmental footprint and operate sustainably on the open seas.

  • 99.9%+ Removal of Heavy Metals, Mercury, and Dioxins/Furans
  • 99.9%+ Opacity Reduction
  • 99.9%+ Sulfur Reduction
  • Cost-effective with ultra-high performance
  • Potential for carbon offsets and environmental credits
  • >50% Reduction in Total Exhaust CO2
  • Conversion of CO and CO2 to SO2 and SO3
  • Substantial Reduction in NOx Below Global Standards
  • Low energy consumption
  • 25-year warranty

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