Energy Saver Marine

Unmatched energy efficiency, up to a 40% reduction in electricity use

High-impact technology significantly reduces your energy costs and carbon footprint

PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™ technology significantly reduces energy consumption by up to 40% for air conditioning and up to 30% for refrigeration while substantially decreasing carbon emissions without compromising cooling performance. Our technology is maintenance-free and easily installed by our qualified engineers without disrupting your operation.

Reduces electricity consumption even in the most demanding environments

In most air conditioning setups, compressors run longer than necessary, wasting energy. Using our patented Optimized Refrigerant Supply® process, the advanced Energy Saver device minimizes compressor runtime, reducing electricity consumption even in the most demanding high-humid environments.

The Energy Saver employs two temperature sensors in an algorithmic energy trading system. One sensor monitors room temperature, ensuring it meets the desired setpoint and maintains it within +/-0.5°C (+/- 0.9°F). The other sensor, connected to the indoor evaporator coil, determines when the compressor has effectively produced sufficient high-pressure liquid refrigerant. Our advanced COOLNOMIX® ORS® system strategically starts and stops the compressor to optimize operating costs without affecting your needed output.

See the Savings

Cleaner air, lower costs—a combination that pays for itself

Combine the power of PlasmaGuard PRO and PlasmaGuard Energy Saver to experience a comprehensive solution to achieve substantial electricity savings, up to 40%, while neutralizing up to 99.99% of tested viruses, allergens, odors, and bacteria in occupied environments.* Your energy savings can cover the investment in the PlasmaGuard PRO.

*To view test reports on specific contaminants, environmental test conditions, and performance levels of PlasmaGuard PRO, visit Actual results may vary based on the environment and occupied space.

PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™

Reduce energy use by 40% without changing cooling needs

The PlasmaGuard Energy Saver delivers unmatched energy efficiency with substantially decreased carbon emissions. The Energy Saver device reduces energy consumption in your air conditioning, refrigeration, or cooling units without affecting your needed output— up to 40% reduction in air conditioning and up to 30% in refrigeration. Our high-impact technology serves a wide range of industries, including airports, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, manufacturing, offices, and educational institutions.

  • Non-evasive intelligent thermostat with dual temperature sensors for precise control
  • Auto-detection of cooling and reserve cycle operation optimizes energy usage
  • Sixteen user-selectable operating temperatures, allowing customization to your specific needs
  • Built-in audible alarm in the event of a cooling failure, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Smart choice with a rapid return on the investment
  • 3-year warranty and 24-hour support

PlasmaGuard Energy Saver Applications

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