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Safeguard commercial spaces with proven air purification technology

Quickly and cost-effectively eliminate harmful pathogens and particulates for enhanced health and safety

Proven air purification, cost savings, and environmental compliance

PlasmaGuard technologies provide effective solutions for improving air quality, reducing energy consumption, and meeting environmental compliance requirements in commercial and industrial applications.

PlasmaGuard PRO™, powered by PuriFi Labs, offers two installation options for commercial applications

The PlasmaGuard PRO™ In-Duct System integrates with the building’s existing HVAC system, efficiently purifying air as it circulates through the air ducts. Our proven non-thermal cold plasma technology eliminates harmful pathogens and particulates, ensuring a healthy and clean indoor environment. The PlasmaGuard PRO™ Ductless Ceiling Unit combines our innovative non-thermal cold plasma technology in a space-saving, self-contained unit and a low-profile design ideal for schools, offices, hotels, daycares, and public spaces. The unit can be used in place of a standard 24′′ x 24′′ ceiling tile or directly mounted to a structural ceiling. The PlasmaGuard PRO Ceiling Unit continuously purifies the air and surfaces for a cleaner and safer environment.

PlasmaGuard PRO’s non-thermal cold plasma technology actively eliminates up to 99.99% of all tested airborne aerosols, particles, and viruses as small as 0.05 microns in size, including SARS-CoV-2 and tested variants*.

PlasmaGuard STAX™ Systems represent the ultimate solution for managing exhaust air from industrial applications. Using our proprietary non-thermal cold plasma WESP™ technology, our systems easily adapt into existing exhaust stack systems, purifying external exhaust air distribution to 99.9% efficiency with extremely low maintenance and power costs. PlasmaGuard STAX is highly efficient in purifying exhaust emissions, addressing a range of regulated pollutants, and ensuring compliance with current and future government regulations.

Achieve significant energy savings when you pair PlasmaGuard PRO with the PlasmaGuard Energy Saver

PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™ complements the PlasmaGuard PRO In-Duct System by optimizing energy consumption. It can deliver up to 40% energy savings for air-conditioning systems, reducing costs and supporting sustainability goals. See how

*To view test reports on specific contaminants, environmental test conditions, and performance levels of PlasmaGuard PRO, visit Actual results may vary based on the environment and occupied space.

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Effective solutions for air purification, energy savings, and environmental compliance in commercial and industrial applications

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