Energy Meter

Proactively manage your energy usage and expenses in real time

Monitor and track electricity usage and expenses instantly with PlasmaGuard insights

With the PlasmaGuard Energy Meter™ electricity monitor, you can view your electricity usage as it happens in real time. PlasmaGuard™ delivers prompt and practical insights, empowering you to actively manage and understand your electricity expenses. Our electricity monitors provide a straightforward and cost-effective solution for businesses to monitor and track their energy usage, effectively eliminating surprises on your utility bill.

Streamline electricity oversight for efficient energy management

Managing energy expenses, often a significant operational cost, can be challenging due to a lack of effective tools. PlasmaGuard’s business electricity monitors offer a simple and cost-effective solution to observe and track electricity consumption in the workplace, empowering businesses to manage energy usage and expenses proactively. PlasmaGuard™ delivers prompt and practical insights, enabling business proprietors and energy managers to efficiently oversee electricity usage across various applications.

PlasmaGuard Energy Meter, powered by Eyedro®, collaborates seamlessly to measure, analyze, and store data on electricity usage and related costs. The PlasmaGuard Cloud Service displays your electricity data in an engaging, informative, and straightforward manner. Experience the convenience of monitoring real-time electricity consumption and access features designed to help identify waste, manage expenses, and take control of your electricity usage.

PlasmaGuard Energy Meter

Business WiFi electricity monitor

Effortlessly understand electricity usage in real time with our business WiFi electricity monitor. The easy to install PlasmaGuard Energy Meter offers a simple and cost-effective solution to observe and track electricity consumption. Join thousands already using PlasmaGuard™ to manage energy usage and expenses proactively.

With the PlasmaGuard Cloud Service, the PlasmaGuard Energy Saver provides timely and actionable information that will help you monitor usage, identify problems, reduce waste and ultimately spend less on electricity while working towards your company’s social responsibility targets.

  • See your electricity usage in real-time
  • Easy, non-invasive installation
  • Directly monitors: V, A, Power Factor, W (true power)
  • Monitoring through
  • Three (3) 200A sensors included
  • Compatible with PlasmaGuard-Eyedro 5A – 3000A current sensors
  • Designed for 3-phase applications only
  • Directional Sensing
  • Connect via WiFi
  • 120V Type A North American power adapter (For 220 – 240V, 50 Hz, Type C European style power adapter, please specify in order notes)

PlasmaGuard Energy Meter

PlasmaGuard Energy Meter Cloud Service

The combined efforts of PlasmaGuard and Eyedro seamlessly integrate to measure, analyze, and store your electricity usage and cost data. With PlasmaGuard Energy Meter, your electricity information is automatically and securely stored in the cloud, ensuring accessibility when and where you need it. The system presents your electrical data in engaging, informative, and easy-to-understand formats. PlasmaGuard’s Cloud Service is user-friendly and accessible from almost any standard web browser. See real-time electricity usage and gain access to many helpful features, including:

  • Real-time responsive graphs
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly cost estimates
  • Bill comparisons and estimates
  • Automated reports: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Downloadable data for in-depth analysis

Use PlasmaGuard Energy Meter for:

Monitoring electricity consumption and budget adherence

Understanding utility bills and measuring improvements

Identifying phantom power drains or peak power demand

Revealing energy habits

Track tenants’ electricity usage, generate custom reports, and share real-time data

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Effective solutions for air purification, energy savings, and environmental compliance in commercial and industrial applications

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