Advanced purification technology for mass transit applications

Ensures the safety and well-being of passengers and operators of public transportation

A healthier environment for passengers and employees inside trains, buses, subways, and planes

Specifically designed for mass transit applications, PlasmaGuard PRO Transportation is an air and surface purification technology that ensures a healthy and clean environment for passengers and operators inside public transportation.

PlasmaGuard PRO™ Transportation, powered by PuriFi Labs, offers two installation options for public transit. The PlasmaGuard PRO™ Transportation In-Duct Unit integrates directly into the existing ventilation system of the vehicle. It efficiently operates with the vehicle’s airflow, cleaning the air as it circulates through the air ducts, destroying airborne pathogens and particulates purifying the inside environment. The PlasmaGuard PRO™ Transportation Ceiling Unit is a self-contained system installed in the vehicle’s ceiling, such as a train, bus, or subway car. It continuously purifies the inside air and surfaces for a cleaner and safer environment.

Tested and validated

PlasmaGuard PRO’s proven technology actively eliminates up to 99.99% of all tested airborne aerosols, particles, and viruses as small as 0.05 microns in size, including SARS-CoV-2 and tested variants*.

*To view test reports on specific contaminants, environmental test conditions, and performance levels of PlasmaGuard PRO, visit Actual results may vary based on the environment and occupied space.

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