Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Introduction

Welcome to our Privacy Policy, designed to guide you on how we handle the information you share with us through the PlasmaGuard Application (“App”) and our website: (“Website”). This policy lays out the type of information we gather, our method of collection, possible sharing avenues, and more. It also provides clarity on your choices concerning our data collection activities. In this context, “you” and “your” relate to every user accessing the App, while “we,” “us,” “our,” “PlasmaGuard Corporation,” or “the Company” operating under the PlasmaGuard name, along with its affiliates.

PlasmaGuard owns the App. However, it’s worth noting that we collaborate with third parties and might continue to do so, letting them manage specific App functions or deliver services on our behalf.

Please be aware that some sections of this policy may not be applicable based on your geographic location. Specifically, for our users in other countries, there may be additional rights to cater to your regional requirements.  Should you have questions related to your country, please contact us at

Should you have any inquiries regarding this policy or how we manage privacy, do reach out through the contact details provided at the end of this document.

Privacy Statement

This document details:

  • The kind of data we might gather or that you offer when you download, activate, register, access, or utilize the Website and/or App.
  • Our methodology for acquiring, using, upholding, safeguarding, and disseminating such data.

The information we collect under this policy includes data from:

  • The App;
  • The Website;
  • Electronic communication (like emails or texts) between you and the Website or App, inclusive of online forms;
  • Mobile device access to Website and/or App;
  • Your engagements with our ads or applications on social platforms or third-party sites and services, especially if they contain links to this policy or extract data from third-party sources or social media; and
  • Your contact with us through email, text, or phone for any inquiry.

However, this policy DOES NOT address data given to or garnered by third parties. These third parties have individual privacy policies governing your personal data handling. We suggest reading these policies before sharing information with them. BE AWARE: Engaging with third-party applications, sites, and resources, along with their content, information, ads, products, services, or any other materials, is at your discretion and governed by their respective terms and privacy conditions.

Thoroughly review this policy to comprehend our stance and actions concerning your data. If our practices are unsuitable to you, please refrain from downloading, registering, or using this App. Engaging with the App implies your consent to this policy.

Our policy may undergo updates over time, and we continually reassess its provisions. Your enduring use of this App post changes means you accept those amendments. We will notify of significant changes through the App, and potentially send a message to users who’ve shared their contact details.

Always ensure your contact details with us are current. Past versions of this policy can be accessed upon request.

Information We Gather and Our Methods of Collection

We accumulate a range of data from users of the Website and the App, which includes:

  • Personal details that can be used to identify you, like your name, company name, physical address, email address, phone number, and other unique identifiers, whether used online or offline (“personal information”);
  • Details related to your actions on the Website and the App that pertain to you but don’t identify you directly. Examples include searches you conduct, interactions with product categories or brands, clicks on product details, actions taken with shopping carts, order placements, as well as login and logout records; and/or
  • Data about your internet connectivity, the devices you employ to browse the Website and/or App, and information related to your surrounding environment.

We gather this information in the following ways:

  • Directly from you upon your submission;
  • From your PlasmaGuard System components such as the generator, sensor, and/or smart hub;
  • Automatically during your usage of the App, which might encompass details of your use and IP addresses;
  • Automatically while you navigate the Website, which might encompass user activities, IP addresses, and data procured via cookies, web beacons, and other monitoring tools (refer to our Cookie Policy at for more details);
  • From external sources, like our business collaborators, particularly when orders relate to services offered by third parties.

This gathered data might be combined with information we acquire from our website, our affiliate sites, or other products, and through other channels.

The data we collect might encompass:

  • Details you offer when completing forms on the Website or during the App registration, service subscription, product ordering, or when seeking additional services. If you encounter issues with the Website or App and report them, we might request more information from you.
  • Archives and replicas of our interactions, including emails and phone numbers, should you reach out to us.
  • Feedback you provide in response to any surveys we conduct for research objectives.
  • The search terms you input on our Website and App.

While using the App or accessing the Website, certain technologies might automatically gather the following details:

  • Access Patterns: We might automatically capture specific aspects of your interaction with the Website and/or App, encompassing data like traffic, location specifics, logs, and other types of communication data, along with the resources you tap into on the Website and/or App.
  • Device Insights: Information related to your device and internet connectivity, such as its unique identifier, IP address, OS, browser variant, network details, or phone number might be collected. We can assign a unique identifier to your device akin to an account number. We may also gather details like the name tagged to your device, its type, your phone number, nation, and other data you opt to share, including username, geo-location, or email. Since you might use multiple devices to access our platforms, we collate data from all of them and integrate this into your profile within our System.
  • Email Interactions: Upon opening our emails, we might get a notification of the action. We also monitor the emails dispatched to you and maintain records of your communication preferences. If you wish to opt out of any emails that aren’t direct replies to your correspondence, utilize the “unsubscribe” link within the email and abide by the ensuing steps.
  • Data from Social Network Services (SNS): If you use an SNS, like Facebook, to access the Website and/or App, you grant us permission to extract specific information from your SNS profile, which may alter the privacy configurations you’ve set up on the SNS. To understand more about these settings, visit the respective SNS. Depending on your preferences and the SNS in question, we might gather:
      • Your full name;
      • Your user ID, which might be connected to publicly accessible details like your name and display picture;
      • The email address you provided to the SNS during App registration;
      • Locations and times when you broadcast or upload content to third-party platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube.

When accessing the Website and/or App through an available SNS, you grant us permission to gather, retain, and utilize any data the SNS shares with PlasmaGuard through its interface. This consent is acknowledged when you “approve” or “permit” (or a comparable term) any of our applications within the SNS.

Automated Data Gathering Methods: While engaging with our Website and/or App, we might employ automated techniques to gather specific details about your device, your interactions, and behavioral patterns, which includes:

  • An account of your interactions with our Website and/or App, such as traffic analytics, location metrics, logs, and the resources you utilize;
  • Device and internet specifics like your IP address, operating system type, and browser configuration.
  • Though the data we gather in this manner is primarily statistical, it can encompass personal details. We might either keep this statistical data independently or amalgamate it with personal data obtained through other channels or from third parties. This amalgamation aids in enhancing our Website and App, facilitating:
      • Audience estimations and usage trend recognition;
      • Personalization based on user preferences;
      • Quicker search processes; and
      • Identification for returning users.

On the App, there are multiple sections where we might gather information, including:

  • Registration: You might be prompted to fill out a registration form, requiring personal data, and to select a user ID and password for accessing certain App features. While registration is optional, some functionalities of the App (like real-time system particulate readings and device zone assignments) necessitate it. Without providing this information, you won’t be able to utilize these features.
  • Surveys and Polls: Occasionally, we might request personal data in relation to surveys or polls. Participation remains voluntary, granting you the autonomy to choose what information, if any, to share.
  • Competitions and Giveaways: We might occasionally host contests or sweepstakes on our Website, necessitating participants to register or submit personal data. This information would mainly be used for winner-related communications (check the specific contest’s guidelines for more details).
  • Cookies and Similar Mechanisms: For comprehensive information about this, kindly refer to our Cookie Policy at

Some browsers, such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, have a “do not track” (“DNT”) feature. This signals to online services that a user doesn’t wish to have their online activities monitored. When a site recognizes this DNT signal, it can prevent the collection of certain personal data. However, due to the non-uniformity of DNT signals and not all browsers offering it, we don’t acknowledge them. For a deeper understanding of DNT signals, you can visit Remember, some third-party sites might track your browsing behaviors to personalize the content they show you.

IP Addresses and Click-Stream Data: We might gather data like IP addresses and/or click-stream data. An IP address, typically not identifiable on its own, corresponds to the service you use for internet access, like your ISP. Occasionally, IP addresses help in system administration and in conveying aggregated information (like site visit frequency) to our partners or affiliates. This can be merged with identifiable data we get directly from you or third parties on the Website and App.

Click-stream data pertains to information our systems gather when you access pages on the Website and/or App. This can involve the page accessed, request time, browser type, previous page view, and other non-personal details. Analyzing this helps us understand visitor patterns, content popularity, and the collective interests of our audience.

Transaction Data: If you conduct a transaction on our Website and/or App, like product purchases or event sign-ups, we’ll prompt you for certain details on an order form. Sometimes, we might redirect you to a third-party site for this data collection. Even if this site looks like our interface, remember you’re sharing details with another party. The privacy policy of that third party will often govern this data collection. This information assists in finalizing your requested transaction: product delivery, information sharing, or payments.

Aggregated Data: We gather, utilize, and disseminate Aggregated Data, such as statistics or demographic information, for various purposes. Though derived from personal data, Aggregated Data isn’t seen as personal data by law since it doesn’t disclose your identity, either directly or indirectly. If Aggregated Data is merged with personal data to identify you, it’s treated as personal data in line with this privacy policy.

We don’t collect any special personal data categories about you, including data on race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, health details, and more. Additionally, we don’t collect information about criminal records or offenses.

How We Handle Your Data

We utilize the information you share with us, or that we gather about you, including personal details, to:

  • Deliver the Website, App, and any other products, services, or information you seek from us.
  • Process and update you about any orders you place.
  • Address any other reasons you’ve shared the information for.
  • Send updates related to your account.
  • Execute our responsibilities and uphold our rights from any agreements made between you and us, such as billing and collection.
  • Inform you about App updates and modifications to our products or services.
  • Ensure efficient PlasmaGuard System service and upkeep.
  • Enable you to engage in the interactive elements of the Website and App.
  • Share promotional materials, special offers, or marketing content from third parties if you’ve agreed.
  • Enhance our marketing, analyze user behavior, improve our content, and tailor our services and layout.
  • Seek more information from you when needed.
  • Reach out regarding the App, your account, technical support, or other related matters.
  • Counteract fraud, monitor potential illegal activities, and ensure compliance with the terms related to the Website and App.
  • Use in ways specified when you supply the data.
  • Operate in any other manner you’ve given permission for.

Utilizing Your Information for Enhanced User Experience

We harness the user data to refine our App, aiming to offer you a personalized user experience. This involves:

  • Gauging the size of our audience and their usage trends.
  • Saving your preferences to personalize the Website and App in line with your interests.
  • Accelerating your search processes.
  • Identifying you during your interactions with the Website and App.
  • Delivering specific PlasmaGuard System updates and activities from the associated product(s).

Information Disclosure Protocols

We reserve the right to disclose collective user data, and details that don’t directly identify an individual or device, without any limitations.

Additionally, we might utilize or reveal data for dispute resolution, problem investigations, or to enforce the terms of our Apps. Occasionally, reviewing the activities or status of various users might be essential for such purposes. We might access or disclose information, especially if we genuinely believe that legal norms mandate it, or deem it necessary to ensure uninterrupted service and elevate our offerings. Your IP address aids us in diagnosing server issues, overseeing the Website and Apps, and refining them based on the patterns we discern.

Moreover, the personal data we garner or that you furnish might be disclosed as follows:

  • To our associated entities and partners for joint marketing and other related endeavors.
  • To third-party contractors and service providers aiding our operations.
  • To third-party distributors and sales agents involved in selling the Apps or managing customer relations.
  • In scenarios involving mergers, asset sales, organizational restructuring or similar occurrences where PlasmaGuard Corporation’s assets, including user data from our Website and Apps, might be transferred.
  • To meet the specific purposes you’ve provided the data for.
  • Whenever we’ve informed you about a disclosure reason at the time of data collection.
  • With your explicit agreement.
  • In compliance with legal obligations, court orders, or governmental requests.
  • To uphold our rights anchored in agreements between you and us, such as the PlasmaGuard Application End User License Agreement.
  • When we deem it crucial to safeguard the rights, assets, or safety of PlasmaGuard Corporation, our clientele, or other stakeholders.

Managing Your Information Preferences

We are committed to offering you options regarding the personal data you share with us. This section outlines the tools and options available to manage and control the use and sharing of your information.

Device Location: You have the freedom to decide if the Website and App should access and use real-time location data via your device’s settings. If you restrict this, some features of the Website and App might not work as intended.

Company Promotions: If you prefer not to receive promotional communications about our or third-party offerings, you can opt-out by emailing us at Alternatively, modify your user preferences in your profile after logging into the Website or App, or communicate your decision via the aforementioned email.

Personalized Advertising: Our team and external service providers employ cookies and tracking tools to monitor browser activity and retain certain user behavior data on our Website and App. You can limit or block cookie use via your browser settings, although this might impact some functionalities. To opt out from targeted ads from Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) members, visit You can also opt out from some interest-based advertising services we might use at

Updating Your Personal Data

Log into the App and navigate to your account profile to view or modify your personal information.

Additionally, you can contact us at to access, rectify, or erase the personal data you’ve provided. Note that erasing your data might necessitate account deletion. Some requests might not be entertained due to legal constraints, data inaccuracy, or if retention is mandated.

Upon removing or requesting the removal of User Contributions from the App or Website, remnants might still be seen in cached or archived sections. The handling and utilization of data, inclusive of User Contributions, adhere to the PlasmaGuard Application End User License Agreement.

Special Provisions for Other Countries

The marketing-related disclosures in this policy may not apply to individuals from foreign countries.

To exercise the rights listed below, please contact us using the details at the policy’s end.

Beyond the aforementioned rights, you may be able to:

  • Access the personal data we have about you, ensuring its lawful processing.
  • Rectify any incomplete or inaccurate data, after we verify the updates.
  • Request data erasure if it’s no longer necessary, processed unlawfully, or due to other legal obligations. We might, however, retain it for specific legal reasons, which will be communicated if such a situation arises.

Ask for processing restrictions in cases like:

  • Data accuracy disputes.
  • Unlawful data usage where you oppose its deletion.
  • When you need us to retain data for legal claims.
  • When you have challenged our data usage, pending verification of our reasons.
  • Withdraw consent when we’re processing data based on it. This won’t impact prior lawful processing. If consent is withdrawn, some services might be inaccessible, and you’ll be informed accordingly.

Your requests for accessing personal data are generally free unless they’re excessive or groundless. We might decline such requests under these circumstances. For security, we might need specific details to confirm your identity. This ensures unauthorized individuals don’t access data they shouldn’t. We might also seek additional information to hasten our response.

Privacy Rights for Californians

Under California Civil Code Section 1798.83, Californian users of our App can inquire about our practices related to disclosing personal data to third parties for direct marketing. If you’re a Californian and want more information, email us at or send a letter to: PlasmaGuard Corporation, 600 S. Wagner Rd., Suite 300, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA.

Ensuring Data Security

We’ve set up safeguards to protect your personal data from unforeseen loss and unauthorized activities, including access, alteration, and disclosure.

You also play a role in data protection. If we’ve provided or if you’ve set up a password to access parts of our Website or App, it’s crucial to keep it private. Please refrain from sharing your password.


Data Transfers Across International Borders

PlasmaGuard Corporation operates from the US, a region with data protection standards that may not align with those of other countries.

Certain third parties we collaborate with might also be situated in countries without those recognized data protection standards.

When transferring your personal data to such regions, we ensure:

  • Transfers only occur to countries with a recognized adequate data protection standard.
  • If collaborating with specific service providers, we may employ approved contracts ensuring sufficient data protection.
  • We utilize other approved methods to validate these transfers.

Reach out for more details on international transfers.


Storing Your Data

All system data, including your personal information, is regularly backed up. We store data as long as your account seems active and for its intended purposes. To deactivate your account or ask for a halt in using your data, email Your data may also be kept to meet legal obligations, address disputes, and uphold agreements.

The duration for which we retain personal data is influenced by factors like its nature and sensitivity, potential risks from unauthorized usage, the purpose of processing, and relevant legal or other norms.


Interactive Platforms: Chatrooms, Forums, and Boards

We might offer forums, message boards, or chatrooms for users. While you don’t have to share personal details in these spaces, you might opt to. Any information you post becomes public, making you potentially vulnerable to messages from unknown individuals. If you comment via a mobile device, your registered username and your location might be publicly displayed.

Engaging with these interactive features means accepting that your username and location can be revealed. We can’t guarantee the protection of information you decide to publicize in these zones, nor can we ensure that viewers of this public information will maintain your privacy. Be cautious about sharing personal data on these platforms. If you wish to erase your personal data from any platform on our Website or App, email us at Sometimes, removal might not be feasible. If that’s the case, we’ll explain why.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

We refrain from gathering specific personal data types about you, such as your race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, philosophical perspectives, details of your sex life, sexual orientation, political views, membership in trade unions, health information, as well as genetic and biometric data. Additionally, we don’t collect data related to criminal convictions or offenses.

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