Application of Council Directive

RED Directive: 2014/53/EU

Standards by which conformity has been established

RED EN 301 489-1:2017 (V2.2.0)

RED EN 301 489-17:2017 (V3.2.0)


IONAER International, LLC

Dba Purifi Labs, LLC

Equipment Description

Air Purification System

Type / Model No

PlasmaGuard PRO

Test Results

The Purifi air purification system was tested according to the directive and standards listed above. The equipment was found to be COMPLIANT with the applicable requirements.

Test Facility

DNB Engineering INC

5969 Robinson Ave., Riverside, CA 92503-8620

DNB Engineering Job Number


Facility Manager

Thomas Elders


12 mar 2021

Declaration of Conformity

Application of Council Directive:


Standards to Which Conformity is Declared:

  • RED EN 301 489-1: 2017 (V2.2.0)
  • RED EN 301 489-17: 2017 (V3.2.0)
  • EN55032 Class B
  • EN61000-3-2
  • EN61000-3-3
  • EN61000-4-2
  • EN61000-4-3
  • EN61000-4-4
  • EN61000-4-5
  • EN61000-4-6
  • EN61000-4-11

Manufacturer’s Name:

IONAER International, LLC

Dba Purifi Labs

Manufacturer’s Address:

8901 E Pima Center Pkwy, Ste 250 Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Equipment Description:

Air Purification System

Equipment Class:

Class B Household Environment

Model Number:

PlasmaGuard PRO

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