Particulate Decay Rates and Agglomeration

Test results show an increase of decay rates, 260% faster, after installing IONaer 7000 (PlasmaGuard PRO).

Test Description

The sample was tested for Particulate (ISO Fine Dust) challenge. Two grams of dust was injected into the room with stirring fan and circulation fan on. After a 5 minute mixing period the stirring fan and circulating fan were turned off followed by a 20 minute test period.Unit was mounted in the duct behind a MERV 8 filter. Duct loop was ran at 600 CFM.

Test Lab Information

Testing Organization: Blue Heaven Technologies, Inc. Building 1

Laboratory Facility: 994.5 ft3 (28.2m3) Clean Room

Date of Testing: 12/3/2019

Test Operators: Tyler Shoulders CAFS

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